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    Evergreen Trees in CTTB

    Venerable Master Hsuan Hua:
    Stand like an evergreen. While standing, keep your back straight.
    Stand upright, just like a lofty evergreen tree...

    Incense Burner with Incense Cedar trees in the background...

    The resplendant sun's rays piercing through a towering Coast Redwood tree...

    The imposing Coast Redwood, Incense Cedar, Atlas Cedar, Douglas Fir,
    and Pines are some of the abundant evergreen trees found in CTTB...

    Redwood trees are the tallest living organisms on earth.
    They can live for over 2,000 years, reaching heights of over 350 feet.
    Their thick bark is fire-resistant.

    Leaves covered with dew drops in the morning...

    The four Great Comportments:
    Walk like a breeze, stand like a pine, sit like a bell and recline like a bow.

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