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    Talks Given at the City of 10,000 Buddhas

    The True Nature of Kindness and Compassion by the Abbot, DM Heng Lyu

    The Story of an Old Veteran by Bhikshu Jin Yan

    Ultimate Peace and Happiness by Bhikshu Jin Fan

    In Thought after Thought, Never Forget about the Sufferings of Birth and Death by Bhikshuni Heng Yi

    Treasure Trove in the Mundane World by Jin Shan Shr

    A Sincere Dedication to All Teachers! by Shramanerika Jin Jian

    The Meaning of Life Is Cultivation by Chin Pei She

    Social Engagement at CTTB by Amy Chang-Chien

    Impermanence and Reciting the Buddha's Name by Bhikshu Jin Gong


    Transformation in Prison by Shramanerika Jin Zhen

    Taking the Bodhisattva Precepts and Compassion by Linh Le To

    The Bodhisattva Precepts by Amy Chang-Chien

    Change in the Mother-Son Relationship by James Roberts

    The Importance of the Shurangama Sutra by Brooks Hansard

    Relying on the Kindness of My Parents and Meeting a Wise Teacher in the West by Bhikshuni Jin Xiang Shr

    Responses from Reciting Namo Guan Shi Yin Pusa by Shramanerika Jin Lian

    The Venerable Master’s Teaching on Not Seeking by Brooks Hansard

    Thanksgiving by Dr. Raymond Yeh

    Columbus Day, Thanksgiving, and the Children of Uganda by Bhikshuni Heng Yin

    Recalling My Leaving the Householder’s Life and Entering Monastic Life by Bhikshuni Jin Kai

    Bowing to 10,000 Buddhas Can Dissolve Our Stupidity by Shramanerika Jin Jian

    Sutra on Old Age by Dennis Truong

    Don't Fall Behind Running Towards the West by Priscilla Yeh

    Reflections on Bodhisattva Precepts Transmission by Ashley Huynh

    An Introduction to A Casual Talk of a Dream by Shramanerika Jin Shao

    Translation and Dharma Parties by Fedde de Vries

    Dharma Joy by Brooks Hansard

    Mother Teresa by Bhikshu Jin Gong

    The Causes That Led to My Wanting to Leave the Home Life by Chin Mu

    Why Does Gwanyin Bodhisattva Grant a Child? by Bhikshuni Jin Xiang

    Journey of Miraculous Proportions by Steve Setera

    Mindfulness in the Present Moment by Filippo Morelli

    Teaching and Transforming Living Beings: The Art of Skillful Means by Bhikshuni Jin Xiang

    Commencement Speech by Justin Hu

    Do We Really Recite with Full Concentration at All Times? by Bhikshuni Heng Hwei

    Becoming a Student of Dharma through DRBU by Florence Seah

    Guided by Wang Fengyi's Words and Deeds by Xiaodan Jin

    Next Life Insurance by Bhikshu Jin Gong

    Forgiving Others is Forgiving Ourselves by Xiaodan Jin

    Venerable Master's Promise by Jin An Shi

    Joining the Family of CTTB: Incredible Causes and Conditions by Helen Yu

    When One’s Intention Is Resolute, All Difficulties Become Favorable by Shramanera Qin Ken

    Planting Blessings for Rebirth in the Pure Land by Bhikshu Jin Gong

    The Healing Properties of Guanyin Bodhisattva by Phil Hirsch


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