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    Offering of Pure Vegetarian Food

    For Hundreds of Thousands of Years, the Stew in the Pot Has Boiled up a Resentment Very Hard to Level

    The Horror of Taking Lives and Eating Meat

    Energies for Peace

    The Manifesto of the Vegetarian Society

    My Dear Sister

    A Buddhist Perspective on Animal Rights

    Why Genetically Engineered Food Should Be Labeled

    Rescuing the Most Abused and Forgotten Animals

    Diet For World Peace

    DRBA 2007 Calendar with Vegetarian Recipes (pdf)

    American Song from the Paramita music CD: American Beef Cow (3.31 MB)

    Stories from, "The Love of Life."

    The Compassionate Deer-king


    Meat Eating and Global Warming

    Cherishing Life

    Wildlife and Animals

    Vegetarian Food

    CTTB Grapes

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